Brain Tumor Angels

It was a tremendous honor to run in memory of our 21 Brain Tumor Angels.  In the toughest marathon I have ever ran, there was no quitting.  I could not let you down.  

Thank you for entrusting us with their memories!



Thanks for your support. We greatly appreciate your generous contribution to "Help by the Mile."

Your contributions will help further our mission to improve the quality of life for brain tumor patients and caregivers.  

As a participant in  the Marine Corps Marathon, our goal was to raise funds and awareness for those in the brain tumor community!  Our numbers are small but our needs are great! 

You truly are making the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful! 


Brain Tumor Community

Thanks for all your support and encouragement.  Let's continue to share our stories.  We need others to see us! Every voice counts.

Help by the Mile

Run for Awareness & Support


 An avid runner before her brain tumor, Samaria continues to run after surgery and radiation, albeit at a slower pace.   The tumor discovered on the area of the brain that controls her legs has created residual challenges, but she has not let that deter her.  

As a participant in the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon (26.2 miles),  she is combining  her passion for running and brain tumor awareness to help support others.  

Help by the Mile


We need your help! By pledging one or several dollars per mile, you will help with our mission to improve the quality of life for brain tumor patients and caregivers.  

Pledges will be collected no later than one week following the completion of the marathon on October 27, 2019.  

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Your contributions are tax deductible.

Join Our Team


 For other runners registered for 2019 Marine Corp Marathon, if you are  interested in helping raise funds for this important cause,  contact us .   A team shirt with the names of our "Brain Tumor Angels" will be provided.  Runner must already have entry into the 2019 Marine Corp Marathon. 

(We are working to be a MCM Charity Partner by next year.)

Remembering Our Angels


Brain Tumor Angels

Running to honor those lost to brain tumors 

Help by the Mile Contribution

Thank you for your generous contribution.  Your support will help fund our mission to improve quality of life for brain tumor patients and their caregivers.  

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